Oldham County Greenways, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation organized in March, 1998. The organization serves as an Oldham County, Kentucky community resource for the benefit of the county's residents and visitors to promote the creation of greenways that will preserve and enhance the natural environment and outdoor recreational opportunities, for the quality of life for citizens and wildlife.

What is a Greenway?

A linear open space established along a natural corridor, such as a river, stream, ridgeline, rail-trail, canal, or other route for conservation and recreation purposes. Greenways connect parks, nature preserves, cultural facilities, and historic sites with residential areas.

The trails within the Greenways provide access between neighborhoods and destination points, opportunity to travel without an automobile, outdoor education classrooms, and close-to-home paths for walking, jogging, bicycling, and roller blading. Tree cover and use of bicycles instead of cars provide for better air quality , fewer hard surfaced parking lots, and reduced energy costs

Why Do We All Benefit?

No other conservation initiative provides so many ecological, economic, and quality of life benefits to the communities that create them. Greenways not only protect environmentally important lands and native plants and animals, they also link people with the natural world and outdoor recreational opportunities.

The primary goal of Oldham County Greenways, in partnership with Oldham County Government, is to provide bike and pedestrian trails with safe and improved accesses. Since Greenways' inception in 1998, these two entities have worked together to secure funding and approval for the Interurban Greenway to connect LaGrange and Pewee Valley.

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Who Are We?

Meet the Board

Our team is made up of some really awesome people. People from multiple disciplines who have a common bond to do something meaningful within the community. If you happen to see one of us out and about in town, don't be shy... Say Hi!

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Greenways Can Also.......

•    Help preserve the biological diversity of plant and animal species by maintaining the connections between natural communities.
•    Soften urban and suburban landscapes with ribbons of green that improve the quality of life and enhance property values.
•    Help protect the quantity and quality of water, a natural resource vital to people, plants and wildlife.
•    Direct development and growth away from important natural resource areas.
•    Provide alternative transportation routes that connect people, communities and the countryside.
•    Act as outdoor classrooms

Economic Impacts of Greenways

Real Property Values - Many studies demonstrate that parks, Greenways and trails increase nearby property values. In turn, increased property values can increase local tax revenues and help offset Greenway acquisition costs.

Expenditures by Residents - Spending by local residents on Greenway related activities helps support recreation oriented businesses and employment, as well as other businesses which are patronized by Greenways and trail users.

Commercial Uses - Greenways often provide business opportunities, locations and resources for commercial activities such as recreation equipment rentals and sales, lessons and other related businesses.

Tourism - Greenways are often major tourist attractions which generate expenditures on lodging, food and recreation oriented services. Greenways also help improve the overall appeal of a community to perspective tourists and new residents.

Agency Expenditures - The agency responsible for managing a river, trail or Greenway can help support local businesses by purchasing supplies and services. Jobs created by the managing agency may also help increase local employment opportunities.

Corporate Relocation - Evidence shows that the quality of life of a community is an increasingly important factor in corporate relocation decisions. Greenways are often cited as important contributors to quality of life.

Public Cost Reduction - The conservation of rivers, trails, and Greenways can help local governments and other public agencies reduce costs resulting from flooding and other natural hazards.

Intrinsic Value - While Greenways have many economic benefits it is important to remember the intrinsic environmental and recreational value of preserving rivers, trails and other open space corridors.

*Adapted from Economic Impacts of Protecting Rivers, Trails and Greenway Corridors, National Park Service, 1990


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